If you're into birds, so are we! At our pet store we have one of the largest ranges of birds for sale on the Sunshine Coast with up to 40 cages of exotic finches, parrots, quails, budgies, and canaries. We sell only high quality aviary and hand-raised birds, and make sure you have everything you need to care for it and make your new pet a true part of the family.

  • Vetafarm

  • RoudyBush

  • Birdzone

  • Wombaroo

  • Seed Mixes

  • Vitamins

  • Treats

  • Wormers

  • Mite and Lice

  • Cage Cleaners

  • Medications

  • Moulting Aids

  • Mirrors

  • Ropes & Ladders

  • Wooden Perches

  • Cement Perches

  • Hammocks

  • Swings

  • Caitec Foraging Toys

  • Powder Coated Cages

  • Large Cages

  • Small Cages

  • Cage Stands

  • Bird Houses

  • Nesting Boxes

With one of the most awesome ranges of birds on the Sunshine Coast and a great range of high quality foods, toys and cages, you will find what you need here. Have a chat to our knowledgeable team about all things bird. Bring your feathered friend in to visit us too. We love to meet new faces (and beaks)

  • Cockatiels

  • Budgies

  • Parrots

  • Finches

  • Quails

  • Many More

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Mon - Sat:   8am - 5pm

Sun           :  9am - 3pm

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