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Will - Grow Stuff Guy

Will's the boss man. He opened this place 4 years ago and has never looked back. Originally in the horticulture and landscaping game, Will has been a Caloundra local for over 20 years, is a member of the Caloundra Rotary Club, and an avid gardener. If you need a plant and garden question answered, there isn't very much this guy doesn't know about plants. He can help you with growing, identification, pests or diseases, and anything else you can think of


Pheona loves fish. She's been working in the pet industry for over 20 years and she loves everything about aquariums! She can help you out with all things fish related. Come and chat to her about anything to do with your tank. She loves that. She has a particular interest in African Cichlids and aquarium plants, and she will bore you with fish talk if you let her. You don't have to. She loves all animals, especially dogs, and can help you with all your animal questions. Hit er up if you want advice on anything animal.

Kylie - Animal keeper Aliver

Kylie joined our team about 4 years ago, and is a fantastic bird specialist. her  role is to not only maintain our enclosures and monitor the overall health of our animals but we rely on her wealth of knowledge on birds and other companion animals. She has bred and hand raised many different species of feathered friends, and loves spending time with people looking to adopt and making sure they get the best match for their family.