Kendon Herbicide Dye 250ml
Herbicide Dye

Description:  Liquid marking dye - Herbicide Dye

Sizes:  250ml bottle

Contains:  Rhodamine B

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Where to use:  A marking additive for addition to herbicides.

When to use:  Marking trial plots and strips. Marking to help prevent overspray. Line marking of ovals and courts. Marking to indicate sprayed plants.


Use rate:  Mix 10-20 ml marker dye per 10 litres of spray solution (usually a herbicide). Use the higher rate if more intense colour marking is required.   


Useful Tips:  Is dye fast on contact with most materials (weeds). Suitable for liquid & powder formulations. Used to visually mark sprayed areas. Premix dye with water and add to sprayer first. Thoroughly mix in the sprayer before adding any other product.


Restrictions:  Do not allow spray drift to come in contact with the paint work of motor vehicles.

Main Usage period:  All year

Kendon Herbicide Dye 250ml


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