Searles Sulphate Of Ammonia

- Greens lawns and plant foliage. 
- Helps correct yellowing in citrus.
- High in essential nitrogen.
- Quick response.
- Easy and economical to use. 

Sulphate of ammonia is a concentrated nitrogen fertiliser used for quick greening that is very easy to use. It gives quick greening to lawns and plant foliage plus it also helps to overcome yellowing in citrus trees. Nitrogen is a very important element in all plants. It helps to increase plant hormone response resulting in stem elongation, increased number of tillers and increased vegetative growth.

Nitrogen deficiency: can often be noticed in the older leaves (lower leaves on the plant). General symptoms include stunting of plant growth, yellowing of older leaves. These symptoms may occur due to insufficient nitrogen fertiliser used, leaching, or water-logging. Other factors may cause similar symptoms such as root damage by pests or diseases.

- Available size: 2.5kg.

Searles Sulphate Of Ammonia