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BlackHawk Dog and Cat Food Now Instore

Now available instore

Black Hawk is now a family owned and run business that combines extensive pet industry knowledge along with a passion for creating affordable quality food. The owners of Black Hawk have over 30 years combined pet industry knowledge and understanding of the pet food market, both here and overseas.

The original recipe for Black Hawk pet food was developed and manufactured here in Australia more than 10 years ago. For many of those years the recipe was exported under private label to various countries (Asia and Middle East) to satisfy an ever growing need for Australian made, super premium foods.

However, it wasn't until 2007 that demand was created here in Australia for an affordable, super premium pet food that could also maintain a high standard of quality and consistency. Black Hawk, the brand, was created to successfully fill a niche within the Australian market place.

Black Hawk was first embraced by the breeding world and quickly moved into the retail sector due to the positive results pet owners were seeing in the condition and health of their pets. Many owners have sent us wonderful testimonials regarding the improved health of their pets, ranging from skin conditions to mobility and digestive issues.


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