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Don't be a water miser

More fertilizer such as CK 88 or Super Grass is sold when there is a storm on the horizon than at any other time. We buy it then, so when it rains you can put the fertilizer on to the lawn or your garden and have the rain wash it in to the soil.

That is great if it all goes to plan, but if it does not rain the fertilizer stays in the garage and your lawn does not get any fertilizer and most importantly does not get any water.

The other reason why waiting for rain is risky is because if you put the fertilizer out on to the garden or lawn and we only get a little bit of rain or none at all, the fertilizer will not get washed off the leaves and the leaves can be burnt by the fertilizer and sometimes it can even kill the plant.

So watering your garden is just as important as adding fertilizer because the fertilizer that you have just spread needs to dissolve in the water before it can be utilized by your plants. So generally the more water that you put on the lawn and garden (without flooding it) the more fertilizer will be utilized and the better your garden will look, the stronger your plants will be and you will have a lot less weeds in your lawn.

When you have spent 100’s of dollars on plants do not let them die for a few cents worth of water.

As seen in the Caloundra Weekly 27/02/2014