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Making a garden from pallets is a fun, space saving and cheap way to have a vertical garden.

You can find pallets just about everywhere, at the council recycling depot or at the back of your local garden supply store. They come in different shapes and sizes and conditions so take the time to find a good one.

Check your pallet for any nails or splinters that may be sticking out ready to grab you. It’s a good idea to get a pair of garden gloves while you are working on this project.

You now need to cover the back of the pallet so the potting mix does not fall out. Lay the pallet face down on the ground and then with some core flute, ply wood or some landscaping fabric cover the back and the bottom of the pallet.

The front of the pallet will have boards that are about 100mm apart. This is the side that you put the plants in. To stop the potting mix from falling out, line the inside of the pallet with some landscaping fabric, shade cloth or even some hessian.

Take the pallet to where you want it to finish up as it will get heavy from here. Stand the pallet up and fill the pallet with a quality potting mix and stamp it down as you go. When the pallet is full you can cut little holes in fabric and plant your seedlings, whether it is vegies or flowers that you want, it works just as well.