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Why Nitrogen is best in small doses.

Too much of a good thing applies to many situations in life and nitrogen fertilizer for your garden is one of those things that can be a problem if you use too much.

Nitrogen or the letter ‘N’ as it is seen on your fertilizer bag is one of the three major nutrients in your soil. One of the main uses of nitrogen is to increase chlorophyll production which in turn creates more leaves and therefore a bigger plant.

Dowsing your garden with high nitrogen levels, however, will not improve plants growth and it can actually harm your plants. If you use a very high nitrogen fertilizer one of the things that will happen is that you will increase the soil's mineral salts which in turn will then hold moisture away from the plants.

As a result, the leaves take on a burnt look and the leaf edges become yellow and twisted and then they start to wilt. So when you see this problem do not think “Wow it needs some more fertilizer”, maybe it just needs a rest.

Also when you feed high doses of nitrogen, your plant will put all of its energy into leaf growth and flower and fruit growth will suffer.

So feed your plants a little bit of fertilizer on a more regular basis, say once a month instead of a heap of fertilizer once a year and your plants will be healthier happier. Then you can grow fruit, vegies and flowers that you can be proud of.