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Organic Matter Matters

Organic matter in your soil is the remains of plants and animals at different stages of decomposition. This includes soil organisms and the substance we call humus that is made by these organisms.

Humus is what is left when all the organic matter is broken down to fine particles. It is a dark colour and is made up of organic molecules that are largely carbon based and has a good amount of nitrogen and many other trace elements. When you water your plants this matter becomes dissolved and the plants will then take it up through their root system then into their leaves. It is a fantastic, natural fertilizer.

To get your garden soil so that it will then become a natural fertilizer you need to add the organic matter such as Cow manure, Chook manure, and Compost which is broken down leaves and vegetable matter, to your soil. At this point some rock minerals such as Garden Mate should be added to speed up and increase the microbe activity.

Dig in some Sugar cane mulch to add a bit of bulk and fibre to the soil and this will also add small air pockets, and then water it all in with a little bit of Worm juice as even microorganisms need oxygen and moisture to multiply and thrive.

In no time at all your ordinary garden soil will be a beautiful, natural place to grow your favourite plants whether they are vegetables, flowers, trees or bushes.

Will Waterford