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Winter Grass

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Winter grass is a weed that is, as the name implies, a weed that grows in your garden and lawn mainly in the winter months and lasts until December. It is bright green in colour and is soft when it is new but can be hard as it dies off in the summer. It is a clumping weed that grows to about 20cm high and has a flower spike that sits above the leaves and can be hard to mow.

The roots of the winter grass weed are very fine and it can find a home in any spare bit of soil or crack in the paving and if left alone will take over your lawn or garden.

You will need to get rid of the weed before it goes to seed as the little seed will sit on the ground ready to germinate and then reproduce very quickly. Spray the winter grass in the early part of the winter or as soon as you see it.

If you have winter grass in your lawn you will need a specialist weed killer as it is very hard to kill. The poison that you use does not react with the leaves of the plant, but in the root system, so after you spray your lawn give your lawn a light water to get the poison down onto the roots. Spray it again in about a week to make sure they are dead.