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Bokashi Bins - The Easy Way to Organically Fertilise

Healthy, organic soil is what supports life on this planet. To get your soil to a healthy, organic state you need to add compost and there is a few ways of doing this and one of those ways is a Bokashi Bin.

Bokashi Bins are an easy way to make compost and they are a practical size for the average family. You simply put the food waste into the bin and with a bit of Bokashi powder you can make a bucket of rich homemade compost that you can dig into your garden and give your plants and your soil a great boost.

The Bokashi Bin will also give you and litres and litres of organic juice full of micro – organisms. You can dilute the juice and water your plants, giving them a good dose of natural fertilizer.

Bokashi Bins are so good you can put in fish, citrus, egg, cooked and uncooked food including meat. They have an air tight lid to help with fermentation and they have virtually no unpleasant odours so you can keep them in your laundry or on the back patio.

There is another good reason for not throwing your organic waste into the waste bin and that is that organic waste makes up about 20-40% of the landfill space, so we can save there as well.

A Bokashi Bin are very easy to use and it is also fun to watch what you used to throw away, become an important part of the environment.