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Lawn Grubs - How to Find Them and How to Kill Them

The best way to control lawn grubs is to understand their lifecycle.

The adult lawn grub is a moth, brown to cream in colour which flies around your garden a

and lays its eggs in soft cocoons under the awnings of your house, or any other protected spot. You’re sure to have seen these before! These cocoons will then drop a tiny web in which the caterpillar will follow to the ground. The caterpillars or lawn grubs are the ones that do all the damage to your lawn - they live for about 3 weeks. The grub will then grow into the pupae stage, which will then become a moth and the cycle starts again.

Lawn grubs will feed off the leaf of your grass, just above the ground so your lawn looks dead, dry and crunchy to walk on. If you see a wasp with a long tail flying above your lawn, it’s a good indication that you have lawn grubs as these wasps lay their eggs into lawn grubs, which will then kill the grub itself.

To get rid lawn grubs you can lay a damp hessian bag on your lawn overnight - the grubs will think it is still night time and in the morning you can pick out the grubs.

A chemical spray or granule such as Searles Lawn Grub Killer is often the only way to get of your lawn grubs, so remember the life cycle and follow the directions on the container and you will have your lawn back in no time.