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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Breast Cancer month and as Pink is their colour of choice why not plant some pink flowering plants and raise awareness of this great cause?

Petunias like it best in a sunny position, planted in a well drained soil or potting mix. They make a lovely border plant or you can put them in a pot or hanging basket. They will give you heaps of joy all year round.

Geraniums are a very hardy plant and "Pinktastic" is the plant of the month for Pohlmans. With its deep green leaves and a neat semi double flower, it is a great choice for those who want something hardy and will flower for most of the year.

Callistemon Pink Champagne is a bottle brush that flowers most of the year. It can make a very attractive hedge or specimen plant and the native birds love them.

Grevillea Pink Pixie is a hardy bush has a low spreading habit that grows to about 1 metre high. It flowers through winter and spring, it loves the sun and will tolerate a drier position in your garden. As with all natives fertilize them with a native fertilizer.

For the shady spot or for the special place indoors, there is the very lovely and very hardy Pink Begonia. They are very easy to grow they love rich well drained potting mix. Fertilize them every few weeks and add a little bit of Potash to keep them flowering and they will love you.