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Mock Orange

Mock Orange (Murraya paniculata) is a plant that is native to Southern China all the way down to Thailand. It has been a popular gardener’s choice in Queensland for hedging or as a specimen plant for many years. It gets its name from the white flowers that are about 15mm long and not only does it resemble a citrus flower but most importantly it has that wonderful citrus flower scent.

The Mock Orange has small glossy leaves and can be kept as a shrub,but if you let it grow naturally it will grow up about 3 or more metres tall. Planting them in a row about 1 metre or so apart will make a great hedge or screen but you will need to continually tip prune them until you get them to the height and width that you desire.

To keep your plant growing thick and strong, fertilize every 3 months with a natural slow release fertilizer such as Chook manure pellets and rock minerals. Even though your Mock Orange is drought tolerant,to keep it looking its best, give it a deep watering every couple of weeks.

Mock Orange likes to be planted in a rich humus soil or a quality potting mix if you wish to plant it into a pot. There are now a few varieties of Mock orange that have a different growth habits such as the tiny “Min a Min”,it grows to about 1metre tall which can make a great border plant or even ball topiary.