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Be waterwise in the garden

It has not only been a bit warm this summer, but so far we have had little rain and it is really starting to show in our gardens.

Plants in pots, especially terracotta pots, are prone to overheating, a good tip is to mulch your pots with some Sugar Cane Mulch, just like you do the rest of the garden. If the water is running straight through your potting mix, use a product such as Recharge and then add some Water Crystals to the mix, if you use both of these products your plants will have a lot less stress and so they will have a lot better chance of survival. If the pot is small enough give it a good soak in a bucket of water for a half an hour or so. If you can't move your plants from out of the sun, then spray them with a product called Envy, this is great to prevent sun damage.

The best time to water your garden is in the early morning, if you need to water in the afternoon, try to allow enough time for the leaves to dry out before the sun sets as water on the leaves encourages mildews and fungus to grow on your plant. Always water deeply and add some liquid Fish and Kelp foliar spray, this way the plant will absorb the nutrients through their leaves as well as the root system so they will have strong and vigorous growth when under the sun.