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Autumn Planting

We have made it through another Summer, and it gave our plants a bit of a beating this year, but now we have been lucky enough to get some soaking rain, and it was good enough to water our plants right down to the bottom of the root system.

The soil is still warm from the summer and wet from the rain and the day time temperatures are beautiful, and for a gardener you can't get much better than this. Don't miss this opportunity to not only bring your plants back to health but also your soil.

Some good veggies to plant in your garden now, are Lettuce, Tomatoes, Beetroot, Capsicums, Chillies, Spring onions, Spinach, Silver beet, Rocket, Beans, and some great herbs like Thyme, Parsley and Basil.

There are some great flowers to plant as well such as Petunias, Snap dragons, Violas, just to name a few. You can also plant a few Marigolds in the veggie garden to help control pests.

Seed potatoes are also now available, plant your potatoes about 20cm below the ground and about 30cm apart.

If you are starting a new garden or revamping an old one, add some Searles 5 in 1 and Veggie Mate rock minerals and a good sprinkling of Katek Super growth chook pellets as a slow release fertilizer.

Mulch it all with some Sugar Cane to keep in the moisture, then water it all in well with some Seaweed fertilizer and then sit back and relax and watch them grow.