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Gardening The Natural Way

I was having a couple of days off in the beautiful state of Western Australia recently and looking out the window there was this little native bird flying around the branches of a native tree called the Hakea Pincushion. It was having the time of its life.

The tree was growing in a bushland setting with no extra water or fertilizer other than what nature provides it. It got me thinking that maybe in our busy lives we try to hard to make our gardens into something truly spectacular and maybe we should be trying to make our gardens into something truly natural.

A natural garden is different from a native garden as it has no noticeable structure and it would not only include taller plants such as Grevilleas but most importantly it would include native grasses that the native birds can use for not only protection but also used for food, nest making, and protection as well.

In nature, seeds leave the parent plant and one in every 1000 or so will survive. This might be ok for the natural bushland but if you are buying your plants you will want a better outcome than that. When you make your selection of plants you will need to water and fertilize with a native fertilizer prior to planting, this will give your plants the best possible chance of survival.

The only real maintenance for a garden like this is to keep out the weeds, then let nature show you how it survives.