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Spring Cleaning

Even though it is not quite Spring (about one week to go) it is the perfect time for gardening. It is a bit cool early in the morning but the days are just lovely.

There are a couple of chores that I know I need to do right now. One is spraying the Bindii and Clover in the lawn. I have to do it before they go to seed. The other job is spray the mould on the paths etc with some Wet and Forget before it becomes slippery and someone falls over.

I am also digging over a garden bed ready to put in some new natives and the veggie garden bed has become a bit depleted over the last few months, so it will be getting a top up of a combination of bags of Searles garden soil, cow manure and Veggie Mate rock minerals. This way it is safe to plant straight into the mix, giving the plants all they need straight away.

I have got my packets of seeds out, and deciding what I am going to plant first, and what to plant when they are finished. Preparation and crop rotation is the key here.

Fertilizing the passion fruit vine as well as the fruit trees with some Katek Super Growth is also on the list; a little bit every couple of months. Six times a year is better than four for fruit trees. A little sprinkling of lawn fertilizer, get rid of the Bindii and turn on the BBQ.