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Bottle Gourd

A few months ago I was given a few Zucchini seeds, so I planted them at the shop, and after a few months of watching it grow, I found out that it was not a Zucchini, but a Bottle Gourd instead. I have never grown one before so it was interesting to see what it did.

It started with just a few flowers and a couple of gourds, but now it is 5 metres across with heaps of flowers and baby Gourds forming everywhere.

My bottle gourd is a type of melon and can vary in size and length, generally about 30 cm plus in circumference and about a metre plus long, although they can be picked smaller than that. The skin is smooth and light green.

Although I have not eaten one yet, I am told it is supposed to have a mild cucumber type flavour when picked young. If you let them dry out for a few months you can use them as a garden ornament, rattle or bird feeder just to name a few things I have seen.

For the preparation before I planted the seed was some bag of compost soil and some veggie mate Rock minerals and then covered the whole area with a good layer of sugar cane mulch.

I fed it with some Veggie mate every few months and a little bit of potash. Because of the rain I have hardly watered it and it is going very well, even though it is not a Zucchini.