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Tea Tree Mulch

Tea Tree was named, because the first Europeans to come to Australia used it as a substitute for tea, and it was plentiful as it grows along the coastal shores of Australia, generally along the edges of streams and swamps.

The Tea Tree is now grown commercially, and when it is harvested and the tea tree oil is removed, what is left is the fantastic Tea Tree mulch.

One of the most popular mulches that we can use in the garden is Tea Tree Mulch, not only because it looks good with its natural colour, but also it is long lasting, it increases water retention, suppresses weeds, adds carbon to your soil, stabilises the soil, encourages earth worms, it has a fresh fragrant aroma and has an average pH of 6 to 6.6, so it is a suitable mulch for just about anything you can think of in the garden.

When you are mulching, cover the soil with the tea tree mulch about 10cm thick, and to keep it looking good all year round top it up every 6 months.