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The Right Fertiliser

The days of the farmer just putting just a high Nitrogen content fertilizer on to their farm to make their crops grow are long gone. Today with modern technology a farmer will have soil tests done in spots all over the farm that will not only test the pH of the soil, but it will also give you a list of what elements and trace elements are in the soil and more importantly what elements and trace elements are missing.

These element quantities can be different, depending on what the farmers are growing. For example, Beetroot like their soil with a little extra trace element called molybdenum (Mo). The tiniest bit extra for beetroot makes a lot of difference in the production.

If a farmer is growing livestock, than the better quality of grass that the animal is eating, the stronger, healthier, faster growing the animal will be. So making the grass grow to its full potential by adding the correct elements and trace elements are very important.

The same goes for our own garden. Because we gardeners have a variety of plants in our garden, we need a variety of fertilizers. We need fertilizers for our lawns, our natives, our flowers and because it is an edible crop and we want it to be healthy for us need the correct fertilizer for out fruit and veggies.

Remembering, like the farmers, that the right fertilizer, not just any fertilizer, will make a huge difference to your garden.