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Get the right advice

When you go to your local garden centre looking for a product to kill the weeds in your lawn, and you don't know what to buy, ask one of the staff to help you. If there are no staff, or no one knows what product to use, find a new garden centre.

Getting the right advice is critical. As I have seen, quite a number of people spray the weeds in their lawns and it has killed the whole lawn because they have bought the wrong product.

There are a number of products that will kill the weeds in your lawn, starting from Bindii and Clover Killer to Sempra. They will all have different ingredients and have different strengths to mix, cover different areas and some are intended for different lawn types.

Some sprays are designed specifically for weeds in Buffalo lawns, such as Sir Walter. A Buffalo lawn must be sprayed with a selective weed killer such as Buffalo Master. Other sprays will kill the weeds but will also kill your lawn.

If you have Paspalum in your lawn you will need a Paspalum, Nut grass and Clover killer, but you cannot spray this product on Blue Couch.

Sempra will kill Nutgrass and Mullumbimby couch, but you need to add a wetting agent such as Spredmax to the mix to make it work effectively.

Ask for some professional help, and read the label, because as you can see, choosing the right product is crucial in getting the right result.