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Mozzies are one of the most annoying pests that you will find in your garden this Summer. And you don't have to be a gardener to recognise them or feel their sting.

There are some simple methods to help control these blood suckers and the best is to eliminate where they breed, but first we need to understand the life cycle of a mosquito. There are four basic stages.

The eggs are laid on the surface of the water and will hatch in about 48 hours, they then grow into what we call "wrigglers". From this stage they grow into a pupae for a couple of days, and then they develop into a mosquito.

The three first stages of a mosquitoes life happen in still water, so to stop them from breeding all you need to do is get rid of any water that is hanging around your house as 75% of a mosquitoes life is in the water.

Places like pot saucers, blocked gutters, the old tarp behind the shed, wheel borrows, old tires, and pet water dishes are just a sample of where mosquitoes can breed.

What about ponds I can hear you saying, well go to your local pet shop and get yourself some wriggler eating fish.

To control the mozzie once it is flying you can use citronella, and plant pelargoniums, to help keep them away, or spray the area with "Bugz Off" or Eco Neem. Both of these products you can spray onto the garden.