Sometimes the best pets are the smallest kind. Low maintenance and always adorably cute, pocket pets are loads of fun and perfect for kids and adults alike. Whether you love rats, mice or guinea pigs we will have everything you need in one place. Come in and have a cuddle and a play and we know you will fall in love

Do you know rats are among the smartest animals in the world?! Come and check out these awesome little critters and see how rewarding they can be as pets. We have one of the best ranges of small animals on the Sunshine Coast if you prefer a guinea pig or maybe a cute little mouse friend. We know that we can help you find that perfect pocket pet. We have everything you need in a Sunshine Coast pet store from bedding to housing to food.

  • Guinea Pigs

  • Rats

  • Mice


  • Wooden Chews

  • Brushes and Clippers

  • Wicker Chew Toys

  • Mineral Blocks

  • Rodent Balls

  • Mouse and Rat Wheels

  • Wormers

  • Mites and Lice

  • Cage Cleaners

  • Medications

  • Small Animal Shampoos

  • Vetafarm Pellets

  • Living World

  • Lucerne Hay

  • Guinea Pig Mixes

  • Vitamins

  • Treats

  • Natural Wood

  • Plastic Houses

  • Wire Hutches

  • Timber Hutches

  • Mouse & Rat Cages

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